IN-SYLVA France is the National research infrastructure for adaptive management in forests.

IN-SYLVA France is a national research infrastrucure, which coordinates the experimental tools and platforms of the research organizations working on forest management.

IN-SYLVA France was created to answer the social, economic and environmental challenges described in the The National Forest and Wood Programme (PNFB): forest adaptation to climate change, job creation for an innovative forest sector, downstream and upstream integration in the forest sector. In-Sylva is original in that it couples silvicultural, biogeochemical and genetic approaches to promote an integrated vision of silviculture for an adaptive and sustainable management of forests.

IN-SYLVA France brings together experimental research networks studying the interactions among management practices, genetic resources and environment and high-throughput analytical platforms characterising climate, soil and plant material.

IN-SYLVA France is a federative structure that strengthens networks and improves and updates their associated equipment, material and information systems.

IN-SYLVA France also provides services to the forest sector (for example, improved genetic material for plantation, selection of high nature value forestry systems) as well as both academic and professional training.


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02 October 2023

By: CM

Summer 2022 - IN-SYLVA France Consortium Agreement

Summer 2022 - Signature of the IN-SYLVA France Consortium Agreement

19 October 2023

October 2023

As part of the redesign of web sites, the In-Sylva France site has been migrated.