Testing new methods

Testing new methods

Testing new methods to prepare / acclimate / adapt forest genetic resources (FGRs) to future biotic and abiotic conditions

In-Sylva-France will support:

  • development of vegetative multiplication to ensure multi-varietal silvicultural options,
  • development of bio-protection methods such as treating /inoculating trees with symbiotic microorganisms and elicitors to stimulate natural adaptive responses (other than genetic responses or individual plasticity) in trees.

This pillar will necessitate providing appropriate equipment (chambers for in vitro plant production and acclimation, bioreactors and associated techniques involving micro-greenhouses, micro-dissection and the micro-manipulation of meristems). This equipment will complement the facilities proposed by the EMPHASIS research infrastructure.

Modification date: 16 August 2023 | Publication date: 17 April 2018 | By: Laurent Saint-André