Scientific position

Scientific position

Scientific position and interactions with other infrastructures

IN-SYLVA-France is positioned between forest inventory structures and the network of heavily-instrumented in situ experimental sites organized at the national level by research institutes and Allenvi, and which are listed on the ESFRI road map (see figure below).

IN-SYLVA-France’s scientific domain (forest sciences), objectives (studying interactions between forest practices, genotypes and the environment), field network (experimental forest sites) and sector of innovation (forest managers) distinguishes the structure from ANAEE-F (biotic/abiotic interactions), ICOS(greenhouse gases) and OZCAR (hydrological and biogeochemical functioning).

Close collaboration among these infrastructures is anticipated, through both the creation of indicators and modelisation, and through adopting a common corpus of data terminology and exchanging and standardising protocols

For the forest, the French Public Body ECOFOR could constitute the hub of these interactions among research infrastructures.

Positionnement scientifique


Modification date: 26 September 2023 | Publication date: 12 March 2018 | By: François Ehrenmann