Network of Scientific Arboretums

Network of Scientific Arboretums

Network of Scientific Arboretums
Coordination : ONF-INRAE
Sites distributed according to a climatic gradient

The Network of Scientific Arboretums consists of 6 experimental sites (included in a larger network) distributed along a Mediterranean to Atlantic climatic gradient. The network includes 310 trees and shrubs distributed among the 6 sites. These arboretums were set up by INRA to provide managers with replcament species solutions for forest suffering from dieback due to anthropic or biological causes from the 1970s onwards; they currently host the long-term monitoring programme for the effects of climate change on non-indigenous genetic resources. In each site the species are present in the form of several provenances distributed in unitary plots of 30 individuals.  The experimental sites have a surface area fom 1.8 to 5.3 ha and are divided into 120m2 plots. The trees and shrubs were planted at a distance of 2 m x 2 m. At each experimental site, survival rate, circumference measurements and plot dominant height are recorded. Plant health is monitored regularly. Temperature and rainfall records are kept.

Services offer

The network provides biological and technical knowledge on non-indigenous genetic resources and their responses to climate. These experimental sites are well identified and characterized (stand types, site conditions, silvicultural regime, history) and can also support complementary studies or research on themes other than those that led to their initial establishment. The data collected from the 6 sites are centralized.


The network is managed by the ONF Research, Development and Innovation Department; the Villa Thuret Experimental Unit (UEVT) manages the inventory database.

Operations and data acces

The sites are open to researchers from other teams within the framework of formal collaborative projects or research agreements in order to help to answer research or technical development questions. The sites are also open to teachers and trainers for all levels of training. Other access needs are discussed on a case-by-case basis.

Data access and cost

Variable according to the request with a case-by-case analysis of extra costs for data formatting.

Available measurements

Meteorological station

Published data sets

Ducatillion, Catherine; Lamant, Thierry; Bellanger, Richard; Bouttier, Valentin; Bastien, Jean-Charles; Michotey, Celia; Gautier, Laurent; Fady, Bruno; Musch, Brigitte, 2021, "Survival and growth of 711 forest tree taxa in eight French arboretums from three different climate regions",, Portail Data INRAE, V1

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