INRAE EFNO Nogent Silviculture Network

INRAE EFNO Nogent Silviculture Network

INRAE EFNO Nogent Silviculture network
Coordination : Nogent-sur-Vernisson, 45290, France
Sites répartis en France métropolitaine

The INRAE EFNO Nogent Silviculture Network consists of a few experiments not included in the GIS Coop that deal with silvicultural methods (planting density, thinning level, plant composition) on various species: Scots pine, sessile oak, mixed sessile-pedunculated oak, American red oak.

Scots pine: 4 sites (10 ha)

Sessile oak: 1 site (2 ha)

Sessile-pedunculate mixed forest: 1 site (1 ha)

American Red Oak: 1 site (9 ha)

Services offer

Height and circumference growth measurements with, depending on the site, an assessment of branch height quality.


The sites are monitored by agents from the Nogent-sur-Vernisson INRAE Centre.

Operations and data access

Data access is possible.

Data access and cost

Depending on the demand.

Available measurements

No particular facilities

Modification date: 16 August 2023 | Publication date: 02 July 2018 | By: Christian Ginisty (INRAE)